Facials can relax the mind and body, visibly improve the skin’s texture, even skin tone, and are the perfect addition to a massage.

Mini Facial (½ Hour): 45.00 or 40.00 with a massage.

Facial (1 Hour): 65.00 or 60.00 with a massage.

Massage with Mini Facial (1 ½ Hours): 95.00

Massage with Facial (2 Hours): 115.00


Facial given by a licensed esthetician (Ask for Robyn, Ana, or Cheri)

Products and techniques are customized for each individual.

- Skin analysis to determine appropriate products and techniques

- Thorough deep pore cleanse

- Steam treatment with aromatherapy

- Exfoliation with cleansers, scrubs, and/or enzymes

- Extractions upon request

- Dermaplaning (ask for Cheri)

- Microdermabrasion (ask for Ana or Cheri)

- Facial mask

- Moisturizing eye pack

- Targeted serums/hydrating treatments/moisturizers

- Facial waxing upon request (Ana)

- Massage for the face, scalp, neck, shoulders, and hands



Facial given by a licensed massage therapist: 

- Cleansing facial massage

- Steam treatment with aromatherapy

- Exfoliating scrub

- Facial mask

- Moisturizing eye pack

- Facial moisturizer

- Massage for the face, scalp, neck, shoulders, hands and feet


Ultimate Face Lift Massage (Ask for Helen)

This nurturing and relaxing treatment reduces puffiness, tones and sculpts the facial muscles, and assists in lymphatic drainage. 

1/2 Hour: $45 or $35 when added to another service

1 Hour: $65 or $55 when added to another service


Dermaplaning (Ask for Cheri)

Dermaplaning  is a skin treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to remove dead skin cells and hair from the face. Your skin will feel smooth, youthful, and radiant.


Microdermabrasion (Ask for Ana or Cheri)

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive facial procedure that removes the surface layer of skin, revealing healthier skin underneath. By removing this layer, the skin looks younger and will be stimulated to produce collagen and elastin - two elements for healthier skin.

Microdermabrasion can treat:

- superficial wrinkles

- superficial scars

- large pores

- acne

- age spots

Series of 6 treatments is recommended.

20 minute session 35.00

series of 3 20-minute sessions 100.00 (5.00 off)

series of 6 20-minute sessions 200.00 (10.00 off)

45 minute session 75.00

series of 3 45-minute sessions 205.00 (20.00 off)

series of 6 45-minute sessions 420.00 (30.00 off)



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