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Facials relax the mind and body, improve the skin’s texture, even skin tone, and are the perfect addition to a massage.

Facial (½ hour) 60.00

Facial (1 hour): 80.00

Facial (1½  hours): 110.00

Massage & Facial Package (1 ½ hours): 125.00

Massage & Facial Package (2 hours): 145.00

Massage & Facial Package (2 ½  hours): 175.00

Massage, Facial, & Body Glow Package (2 hours): 180.00

Massage, Facial, & Hydrating Spa Treatment for the Hands & Feet Package (2 hours): 180.00

Facial Add-Ons


Dermaplaning $20 (Amanda & Robyn)

Microdermabrasion $10 (Amanda)

Skin Sheek - removes skin tags & treats skin imperfections $35 (Amanda)

Celluma Red Light $35 (Amanda)

Acne Blue Light $35 (Amanda)

Brow Make-Over - waxing, shaping & tint (Amanda)

Facial Waxing - starts at $10 (Amanda)

Invigorating Foot Scrub $10

Ultra-Hydrating Foot Wrap $15

Hydrating Spa Treatment for the Hands & Feet 30 min $55 with a massage

Body Glow/Salt Glow/Sugar Polish 30 min $55 with a massage

Botanical Back Treatment 45 min $70 (Amanda)

Reflexology 15 min $25

Jade Roller Table - Relax on a heated roller table 30 min $30 (Helen)

Infrared Sauna 30 min - Relax, detoxify, and treat minor aches and pains with infrared ray technology $30 (Amanda)

Osmosis Sculpt + Relax - 30 min $30 (Amanda)

Osmosis Body Sculpting - targeted fat loss - starts at $150 (Amanda)

Facial performed by a Licensed Esthetician
Ask for Amanda or Robyn

Products and techniques are customized for each individual.

- Skin analysis to determine appropriate products and techniques

- Thorough deep pore cleanse

- Steam treatment with aromatherapy

- Exfoliation with cleansers, scrubs, and/or enzymes

- Extractions upon request

- Dermaplaning (ask for Amanda or Robyn, $20 add-on)

- Microdermabrasion (ask for Amanda, $10 add-on)

- Facial mask

- Moisturizing eye pack

- Targeted serums/hydrating treatments/moisturizers

- Facial waxing (ask for Amanda, from $10 - $30)

- Massage for the face, scalp, neck, shoulders, and hands

Facial Performed by a Licensed Massage Therapist

- Cleansing facial massage

- Steam treatment with aromatherapy

- Exfoliating scrub

- Facial mask

- Moisturizing eye pack

- Facial moisturizer

- Massage for the face, scalp, neck, shoulders, and hands


Amanda's Signature Facial

This is a 60 or 90 minute facial. (Choose facial length when booking your appointment.)

A customized facial designed to meet your skin care needs.  We begin this treatment with cleansing, steaming, hot towels, enzyme treatment, European facial massage, aromatherapy, and customized  mask. Ending the treatment with a shoulder, neck, hand and arm massage. The ultimate pampering treatment.

One Hour: $80, 1 ½ Hours: $110

Acne Blue Light Therapy

Ask for Amanda

Blue light therapy is know to kill P. acnes bacteria. Blue light increases skin clarity, improves scars, and decreases acne and inflammation. Perfect add on to a Teen “acne” facial or Botanical back treatment. This therapy is recommended in a series of 8, twice a week, or every three days.

Packages available.

1/2 Hour: $30.00

Blueberry Detox Facial

Ask for Amanda

Refine and clarify your skin with a naturally exfoliating and highly antioxidant alpha hydroxy acid Blueberry Detox Firming Peel. Your skin will be left purified, refined, clear, hydrated and radiant! Perfect for acne/oily skin.

One Hour: $100.00

Celluma Light Therapy Facial

Ask for Amanda

This treatment includes deep cleansing, fruit enzyme, customized serum application, thirty minutes of Celluma Biophotonic Therapy, a hand/arm massage, and the appropriate finishing products. A series of Celluma LED treatments can help reduce and control acne, diminish hyperpigmentation, and rejuvenate your skin by stimulating cellular activity. LED phototherapy is the application of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits. The light penetrates the dermis to improve the cellular performance, which increases skin rejuvenation and healing. Light therapy shown to enhance collagen and elastin production and improve skin tone and texture. Perfect add on to a Rezenerate facial, or Osmosis Facial Infusion.

45 Minutes: $90.00


Ask for Amanda or Robyn

Dermaplaning is a skin treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to remove dead skin cells and hair from the face. In addition, it allows products to penetrate deeper into the skin leaving you with a smooth, youthful, and radiant complexion.


1 Hour: $100

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Ask for Amanda

Experience our microdermabrasion technique using diamond tip technology to smooth away fine lines, refine pore size and minimize skin imperfections. This non-invasive treatment removes the dead and damaged skin cells from the epidermis to stimulate a rejuvenating response from the skin’s deeper layers. A treatment series is highly recommended for clients seeking the best results to address skin aging and resurfacing. Treatment also includes facial with shoulder, neck, hand and arm massage.

1 Hour: $90.00

Eminence Organic Facial

Ask for Amanda

Customized for both women and men using a variety of luscious fruit, vegetable and herbal skincare products handcrafted by Eminence Organic Skin Care of Hungary. These organic ingredients have an incredibly fresh aroma, with natural pure vitamin infusions and high bioflavinoid content. The selection addresses a variety of skin concerns such as premature aging, sun damage, loss of vitality, tone and radiance. This signature facial offers a wide spectrum of cleansers, toniques, exfoliants, masques, serums, eye creams and moisturizers to target your specific skin care needs, leaving your skin healthy and radiant.

1 Hour: $80.00

Facial Infusion

Ask for Amanda

The Osmosis Facial Infusion is the first non-acid peel that gently resurfaces the epidermis by feeding the dermis to encourage cellular renewal, making it safe for any skin condition. Through the liposomal technology Osmosis is able to deliver 7 fibroblast stimulators deep into the skin to create “Natural Exfoliation” delivery of calming, antibacterial and dermal remodeling ingredients. The epidermis is never wounded and is able to work more effectively without any downtime. It is extremely safe and tolerated by all skin types. You will see mild to moderate exfoliation. The Facial Infusion is gentle and the results are significant! Includes facial with shoulder and neck massage. Recommended in a series of 4 treatments for optimal results.

1 Hour: $100.00

Fire and Ice Facial (Eminence Organics)

Ask for Amanda

A positively stimulating facial that will leave your skin glowing, detoxified and firm! Using fresh apple and grape pulp to infuse natural fruit acids into the skin and paprika to stimulate circulation and detoxify the skin, a fantastic organic exfoliation is achieved. This facial is finished with a cooling application of chilled organic masques and creams lightly whipped to suit your skin type.

1 Hour: $90.00.

Microcurrent Facial

Ask for Amanda

Microcurrent is a wave technology that painlessly lifts, tones, and tightens the skin.

1 Hour: $110.00, or a $30.00 add-on to any facial given by Amanda.

Osmosis Medi-Facial

Ask for Amanda

Feel the difference in your skin with certified organic and botanical customizable facial.   Medi-facial Powder Actives and USDA Certified Organic Masks are used to create an unparalleled facial that will promote repair and remodeling in the skin while restoring its radiance and beauty.  Overall, skin is healthier and more lustrous.  Includes shoulder, neck, arm, and hand massage.

1 Hour: $90.00

Rezenerate Facial

Ask for Amanda


A Rezenerate Facial™ immediately helps to improve tone, texture and balance, and restores a healthy, refreshed glow to your skin. The epidermal layer of the skin is rejuvenated and the conditioned skin retains a healthy plumpness, minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles by the end of even your initial treatment. You walk out feeling and looking amazing with the full benefits of the Rezenerate Facials™ having just begun.


The groundbreaking nanotechnology used in the Rezenerate Wand™ allows for maximum absorption of targeted serums. Whether you’re combatting aging, blemishes, sunspots or other skin issues–direct delivery of these serums right to the edge of the dermal layer will restore the ideal micro-environment your skin needs for optimal function and regeneration. In a matter of days a brand new, smoother, more radiant and even toned layer of skin will start to appear.


The delivery of targeted serums to the top of the dermal layer in conjunction with the Rezenerate Facials™, awakens the skin’s collagen-producing cells, which become sluggish and stagnant as we age. Over the course of just two weeks skin firmness and elasticity is increased. Combined with the other brilliant results achieved by The Rezenerate Facial™, skin is left with an invigorated, youthful appearance. Long term improvements can continue to be seen for weeks even after a single facial. A series of only four to six Rezenerate Facials™ over a period of two to three months is recommended to achieve the maximum results and benefits.

***You must not have used Retin-A at least 3 days prior to treatment, or any other form of prescription topical tretinoin. You must not have used Accutane in 6 months.***


Nursing or pregnant women, people with un-diagnosed lesions or skin infections, recent herpes outbreaks, severe rosacea, scars less than 6 months old, severe solar keratosis, psoriasis.

Recommended in a series for maximum results. All series must be used on a once or twice a month basis.

1 Hour: $150.00

Rezenerate Pen Facial with Retinol Peel

Ask for Amanda

The retinol peel enhances the results of the Rezenerate pen. This treatment increases your collagen for the next 30 days, leaving your skin with a youthful glow!

1 Hour: $180.00

Skin Sheek

Ask for Amanda

1/2 Hour: $75.00 (or $35 as an add-on)

Teen Facial

Ask for Amanda

This specialized treatment focuses on skin issues that teens encounter on a daily basis. We include a gentle cleansing and exfoliation, extractions, and balancing mask.  This treatment is perfect for skin that is unbalanced or prone to breakouts. We also educate teens on how they can take preventative care of their skin at home.

45 Minutes: $70.00

Ultimate Face Lift Massage

Ask for Helen

This nurturing and relaxing treatment reduces puffiness, tones and sculpts the facial muscles, and assists in lymphatic drainage. 

1/2 hour: $45 or $35 when added to another service

1 hour: $65 or $55 when added to another service

Ultimate Glow Facial

Ask for Amanda

This is Amanda's Signature Facial that also includes Microcurrent, Rezenerate Treatment, Osmosis Facial Infusion, and Celluma LED Light Therapy. The ultimate in pampering treatment!

1½ Hours: $230

Unwind and Relax Package

Ask for Amanda

This is the one you want! 120 minute treatment. Take a break and escape with our two signature treatments. -Violet Signature Facial and the Botanical Back Treatment. We also include hot stones and massage!

1½ Hours: $200


Ask for Amanda

Brow Makeover - Includes wax, shaping, and tint $30.00

Brow Wax/Shaping (without tint) $20.00

Lip or Chin Waxing $10.00

Lip, Chin, and Brow Wax $30.00

Body Treatments

Body Glow

Includes an exfoliating brush massage, hot towel massage, and body butter to leave skin soft and hydrated.

1/2 Hour: $60.00, or $55.00 with a massage or facial.

Botanical Back Treatment

Ask for Amanda

Your back is often neglected and hard to reach.  Let us cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize to give your back the much needed attention it deserves. You will experience deep cleaning, steaming, hot towels, and extractions if needed and a customized blended mask, followed by massage to the treated area.

45 Minutes: $70

Infrared Sauna

Ask for Amanda

Relax, detoxify, and treat minor aches and pains with infrared ray technology. Be sure to add on a sauna session to your next facial or body sculpting treatment!

30 Minutes: $30

Hydrating Spa Treatment for the Hands and Feet

Includes an exfoliation treatment, hot towel massage, rich hydrating wrap, and massage with body butter for the forearms, hands, lower legs, and feet.

1/2 Hour: $60.00, or $55.00 with a massage or facial.

Osmosis + Sculpt

Ask for Amanda

River Valley Exclusive! Only with Amanda!


NANO-CURRENT TECHNOLOGY has arrived for body sculpting!


Body contouring with Osmosis +SCULPT is the most advanced and effective holistic fat loss device in the world! Freezing and/or melting fat harms the body and often leaves patchy results.

OSMOSIS +SCULPT works by using patented nano-current constant waveform. The advantage is that we created targeted fat loss by safely accelerating the detox and lipolysis needed to create long term slimming.

Areas worked: Belly, upper back, lower back, thighs, butt, and arms. Each session will take about 30 minutes. Multiple areas for treatment will require more time for prep.

Starting at $150

Osmosis + Sculpt
Celluma Light Theray
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